How to earn with neobux

Ultimate Neobux Strategy 2015 gives you the way to success and income with NeoBux. It’s a Complete Neobux Strategy on how to build towards a decent daily income of $10 to $50 without investing a single dollar.

What I am about to show you is a way to build your earnings to $50 a day without spending a penny. No hype, no fluff and at most 15 minutes a day

When I started with NeoBux I started with absolutely NOTHING out-of-pocket. I used my earnings from ad clicks and mini jobs while making this Blog to build my referral team. When I was preparing this Blog I needed some way to compensate for the expenses. I was pretty cash strapped for my expenses and Neobux was a real rescue.

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HostGator Web Hosting Affiliates

HostGator Web Hosting Affiliates System

HostGator, a web hosting company that provides WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting also have affiliates system which can help you make few more bucks. It gives you a commission for every referral you sent. So let’s get started and know how to earn money using HostGator. If you have read my previous posts, you already know that I have mentioned about Affiliates as one of the free ways to make money online.

Earn Money Using HostGator Affiliate Program - EMM, Earn Money Make
Earn Money Using HostGator Affiliate Program – EMM

You might be thinking – How to make Money from HostGator Web Hosting Affiliates System? So, I’m writing how this system works, and you can earn up to $125 per qualifying signup. This program is free of cost, and it totally depends on you. So let’s see how the affiliate system works.

Today is the first day of the January, and you just fill the registration form and signed up. If you send one to five people to HostGator and if they signup you will get $50. Similarly, 6-10 people can get you $75 per subscription; 11-20 & 21+ referrals can make you earn $100 and $125 per signup respectively. So if doing some maths at the end of January, you will make $2,625 ($125×21) which means you can make $2625 in any month for 21+ qualifying signups.
After you log into the Web Hosting Affiliate System, you can find many tools like:

  • View Commissions
  • Manage Campaigns
  • View Referrers
  • Manage Coupons
  • Banner Links
  • Past Payouts
  • Traffic Locations
  • Get Spreadsheet Data
  • Edit Contact Info
  • Edit Payment Info
    1. Your Website - Web Hosting Affiliates Program
      Your Website – Web Hosting Affiliates Program
    2. HostGator Website- Web Hosting Affiliates Program
      HostGator Website- Web Hosting Affiliates Program
    3. Signup Completed - Web Hosting Affiliates Program
      Signup Completed – Web Hosting Affiliates Program
    4. Monthly Payout - Web Hosting Affiliates
      Monthly Payout – Web Hosting Affiliates

    The more clients you refer to HostGator the more money you will earn.

    If you are going to buy a new hosting account, then you can always apply these discount coupons below.

    COUPONCODE_25 for 25% OFF
    DISCOUNT9_94 for $9.94 Discount.

    You can also use my signup referral link if you are opening a new HostGator account. The Affiliate URL looks like this.

    So Signup and Start Making Money Today Using HostGator Web Hosting Affiliate Program.

How to Make Money Using Android Phone?

How to Make Money Using Android Phone?

Everyone should have understood what I am talking about just by looking the title name. There are lots of free ways to make money. So how to make money using Android Mobile Phones? – You might be searching for various forms. Yes, there are several ways to earn money online using your android mobile/device. In the Marketplace, you can find so many Android apps that claim to pay some bucks. Fine! All these techniques may work, but I will only share what I’m using right now.  I am experimenting various methods and found one app to be paying. There is one application name WHAFF Rewards in play store. Don’t worry I’ve mentioned the play store’s direct link below.  Let me share how it works and how we can get the money.

WHAFF Rewards Android apps to make money using Android Mobile Phones
WHAFF Rewards Android apps to make money using Android Mobile Phones

Download WHAFF Rewards put the invitation code: [CK90126] and get $0.30!!! You can use this short URL, which will directly take you to Google Play store’s page where you can install it for free. Don’t forget to use the code: CK90126 because the code will give you more premium picks later and I will get $0.30 too. But you will be benefited. I am once again reaching towards $10. You can help me to help you. We both will earn.

How does it work? – You will be paid more for installing Android apps, and you will get additional dollars ($) if you just install the app and do not uninstall (no need to open also). Remember, without this code you will be able to use the apps only with low payment rates but this code primarily will increase your payments. If you are unable to input the code, just uninstall the app and reinstall using the above link and place the code. Also, you need to log in with Facebook.

I have seen my friends who installed the application and don’t know to make proper usage of it. This app is not the substitute for free ways to make money online. But, I’m making, at least, $10/week using this application.  If you want to try, feel free. It works. Because after using the apps you will congratulate me. You can do it later. You can comment below and share with me. I will be happy to hear.

The steps involved to earn few more money online using your mobile phone for free:

Apps to make money using Android Mobile Phones
Apps to make money using Android Mobile Phones

Step1. Click or go to the link:
(It will directly take you to google play store’s app’s installation page.)

Step2: Download and install the app.

Step3: Click on the login

Step4: Login to Facebook or grant access.

Step5: Use the invitation code CK90126. (This will give me $0.33 and give you access to premium, and more WHAFF picks later so your earning will be double or triple)

Minimum payout or withdraw is $10, so it is an easy and fast method to earn. There are more than ten payment methods on how you can get money or cash in hand. Feel free to share this message and please you first try, be satisfied and then only share. Trust me it works. I’ve tried it myself.

How to Make Money Online for Free?

How much money do you make from your job? How much money is sufficient? I’m asking this question in the very begging because we have seen many people have kicked off their jobs they were doing for years and years. Your boss might have got a new staff who would be happy paying a small salary to the person fired from another company and walking with a thirst of getting a new job. When you have no job or applying for a new job, it becomes very hard for you to pay your telephone, the internet, cabal bills. You will probably stop going to Pizza Huts, MC Donald or, at least, will slow your frequency of spending money. But, thanks to God, we have The Internet where we can make money up to 5 or 6 figures. There are various ways to make money online from free to paid jobs. Here, I am talking about free ways to make money online using your knowledge and skills.

Make Money Online For Free - Earn Make Money
How to earn or make money online for free?

Since you are reading this article, I assume you are new at this thing. Because a newbie usually reads posts like “How to Make Online for Free?”. However, I believe in reading or following the article will be beneficial.

How to Make Money Online for Free?

I recommend the following this to those people who are entirely new on Money Making System or has a great passion for learning ways to make some money online. By following these steps, many people are earning even thousands of dollars each month.

1. Blogging (Monetizing Your Blogs):  The word most of the people who has internet access know about it.  Previously, blogging used to be just like writing a live journal or the thing you write in your daily diary or something like that. But the modern definition of blogging is sharing your views, marketing strategies, latest news, selling your products. For example, I wrote this blog here to share you free ways to make money online for free. I am blogging this site and write blogs here. People refer blogs to blog posts or simply posts also. is an excellent option for the newbie. It is one of the great blogging platforms where you can write your blog. And it is free to. Another is, which I love when you actually can pay for hosting.  Okay, you just made your first blog.  So what is the next thing to do after writing a blog? The question is; How to make money online blogging? You can apply for publisher account on various monetizing platforms or sites  After you had made/posted a few quality posts, signup for Google Adsense Account and wait for their approval. If your site doesn’t get approved, you can try other ad networks like Bidvertiser, etc.,  and monetize your blog to earn. Remember, you need traffic in your blog to make more money online. Please keep in mind, not to drive fake traffic or take advantage of traffic generator programs. Google is smarter than we think. It can blacklist your blog or block your Adsense account. Sharing your blog’s link to social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. can drive traffic yo your blog.

2.  Affiliating (Affiliates Programs or Marketing):  You made a blog, drive traffic and then place some ads and start earning few bucks. But this is not sufficient for many bloggers. Either they want to make more or couldn’t drive much traffic to their blog. Creating a blog, monetizing and generating traffic to earn may not be easy for everybody. If you are blogging for a long time and haven’t done any Affiliates Marketing, then, this is a right time to start joining Affiliates programs. They will increase your total online revenue. Okay fine, what is Affiliate Marketing or Affiliating? It’s simply a process of promoting others product, and you’ll get paid in return depending on the sales, link clicks or shared. There are lots of affiliates programs mostly run by large companies, corporate or agencies. Some of them are,, etc., where you can get products available for promotion and in return, you will make some cash online.

How to promote the affiliates products? You just learned how to create an affiliate account. Now, how can we promote and make it’s best usage to earn great cash online? You can write on a blog (you learned right) about the product, lure the readers with your magic of words to buy that product which you are promoting. Share the affiliate links with them and when they click or buy, you will be paid/given percentage /commission (it depends upon the affiliate programs). Another way is making YouTube Video with your Affiliate link on video and the description of it. If you can pay or invest a bit money from your side, then advertising on sites like and can also work. So whenever someone clicks your affiliate link and make a purchase, you will be getting Affiliate sales commission.

3. Freelancing:  How much money you want to make online? We all want to make not only money but more money online. Yes, since market values are increasing, cost prices of every item are high. I also want to improve my bank balance. We want to earn that much cash so we can enjoy in New York City or visit Himalayan Nation Nepal to summit Mt. Everest or take a ride in world’s fastest train in China.  So my recommendation for you is to do freelancing and feel happy solving other people’s problems. You have tons of choices from Website Development, Writing Articles, Graphics Designing, PC Software or Mobile Apps development, Building projects. Usually, sites like Freelancer,, and Gigbucks, etc. can fulfill your wish of becoming a freelancer.

4. Forex Trading:  Now, you are not satisfied with your current income and want to increase your online revenue side by side.  The above methods are free ways to grab online money, but Forex Trading is like investing your money to make more money. Please make sure, there are lots of fake sites which takes your money in the name of buying you Apple’s, Microsoft’s or Google’s share. I will be updating the verified or valid Forex Trading sites in coming days. I will try to share my experiences in Forex Trading too.

I write my personal experiences on making money online here hoping that it will help you to make real money online. These are not only the ways to make money online. But, I’ve used these services myself and found to be legitimate to share with you. I promise  you to share valid ways to increase your online revenue. You can contact me anytime, or leave a comment below if you have any doubt or query. I would be happy hearing from you.

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